About digital artwork orders

We collaborate with some of the biggest print on demand services like Printful to get your favorite artworks printed and delivered to your place.

When you make an order through our online gallery shop that contains digital artworks printed on various material (canvas, posters etc) we automatically forward your order for fullfillment to Printful and when it`s completed they ship your order from their facilities that are closer to your region specified by your shipping address. This company is responsible for the shipping and also returns once we forward your order to them and will notify you about the shipping status.

Original paintings or custom orders on materials and sizes that are not listed on our online gallery will be shipped from different facilities than Printful`s according to your needs and always prior to communication with you though email.

Payment Methods

For print on demand digital artworks our main payment method is Paypal. Credit / debit cards are accepted through Paypal`s interface on checkout.

For custom orders it may be possible to pay also by Bank Transfer prior to communication with us through email or our contact page.

We work upon adding additional payment methods.

Get answers to commonly asked questions (For print on Demand services only)

Will I get my order in one shipment?

No, not always. We may split an order into multiple shipments for the following reasons:

  • Product packaging. Some of our products are individually packaged to ensure their shape and provide extra cushion and durability. The products we’ll always ship separately are mugs, wall art, stickers, jewelry, backpacks, pillows with stuffing, and snapback hats.
  • Fulfillment location. We fulfill products in multiple locations (e.g., US, EU, AU), so if your order consists of products that have different fulfillment locations, we’ll ship the products separately.

Shipping costs for orders with multiple shipments will be higher than for orders with a single shipment. See the final shipping costs in the order checkout or read about shipping calculations.What is the estimated delivery time and how is it calculated?

Estimated delivery time (EDT) is our prediction of when an order could be delivered to you. The EDT is the sum of estimated fulfillment and shipping time. Think:

Estimated fulfillment + estimated shipping = estimated delivery time

Our fulfillment time average is 2–5 business days for non-apparel products and 2–7 business days for apparel products. When we calculate the estimated fulfillment time, we take into account the current order volume and our capacity.

The estimated shipping time is calculated according to our historical shipping data for deliveries to your area or selling region.

The estimated delivery time is just an estimate, it’s not a guarantee. You can receive the order past the EDT for reasons, like:

  • Issues with print/embroidery files
  • Products being out of stock
  • Shipping related delays like failed delivery attempts, service disruptions

That being said, we’ll work our hardest to meet our delivery estimates. If you’re ever in a situation where you haven’t received the order and it’s past its EDT, please allow a few more days. Get in touch with us (support@printful.com), we’ll check your order status and let you know how to proceed.

What should I do if it’s past the estimated delivery time and I still haven’t received my order?

If your order’s estimated delivery time has passed and you still haven’t received it, here’s what you do:

  1. Wait a day or two. Shipments can get delayed for reasons we can’t predict. We understand it’s frustrating to deal with late shipments, but please remember that our estimated delivery time is just an estimate, it’s not a guarantee.
  2. Get in touch with our customer support team. Let us know about your delayed shipment and we’ll check the latest delivery estimates to your location. We may ask you to wait a few more days to receive the order. Reach us by clicking the yellow speech bubble element in the bottom right corner or email us at support@printful.com.

Will I get charged for customs?

If your order is shipped from a facility that’s in a different region than your delivery destination, you might have to pay handling and/or customs fees upon delivery. The customs fees may vary depending on the order value, country limits, etc.

To avoid customs fees, order products that we fulfill close to your delivery region, which is set automatically based on your geo-location. This region can be viewed and adjusted by dropping down the Preferences menu under the globe icon at the top right of the page and selecting Default catalog and delivery preferences

Can I return/exchange my ordered products? If you haven’t received your order or notice an issue with the products, please reach out to our customer support team and we’ll help you get it solved. Please read our Return Policy for more details.

Do shipping prices change based on product fulfillment locations?No, the shipping rates are not impacted by the location where the products are fulfilled. For example, it’ll cost the same to ship a t-shirt from the US to Germany as it would be to ship the same t-shirt from the EU.

Return Policy

Any claims for misprinted/damaged/defective items must be submitted within 4 weeks after the product has been received. For packages lost in transit, all claims must be submitted no later than 4 weeks after the estimated delivery date. Claims deemed an error on our part are covered at our expense.

If you or your customers notice an issue on the products or anything else on the order, please submit a problem report.

The return address is set by default to the Printful facility. When we receive a returned shipment, an automated email notification will be sent to you. Unclaimed returns get donated to charity after 4 weeks. If Printful’s facility isn’t used as the return address, you would become liable for any returned shipments you receive.

Wrong Address – If you or your end customer provide an address that is considered insufficient by the courier, the shipment will be returned to our facility. You will be liable for reshipment costs once we have confirmed an updated address with you (if and as applicable).

Unclaimed – Shipments that go unclaimed are returned to our facility and you will be liable for the cost of a reshipment to yourself or your end customer (if and as applicable).

If you haven’t registered an account on printful.com and added a billing method, you hereby agree that any returned orders due to the wrong shipping address or a failure to claim the shipment won’t be available for reshipping and will be donated to charity at your cost (without us issuing a refund).

Printful does not accept returns of sealed goods, such as but not limited to face masks, which are not suitable for return due to health or hygiene reasons. You hereby agree that any returned orders with face masks won’t be available for reshipping and will be disposed of.

Returned by Customer – It is best to advise your end customers to contact you before returning any products. We do not refund orders for buyer’s remorse. Returns for products, face masks, as well as size exchanges are to be offered at your expense and discretion. If you choose to accept returns or offer size exchanges to your end customers, you would need to place a new order at your expense for a face mask or a product in another size.

Notification for EU consumers: According to Article 16(c) and (e) of the Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 on consumer rights, the right of withdrawal may not be provided for:

1. the supply of goods that are made to the consumer’s specifications or are clearly personalized;
2. sealed goods which were unsealed after delivery and thus aren’t suitable for return due to health protection or hygiene reasons,

therefore Printful reserves rights to refuse returns at its sole discretion.